«Kuch bilim va tafakkurda.»
I. A. Karimov



``Bilimlar bellashuvi ``has been developed to fulfill the Resolution №1875 sighned by the President of Uzbekistan on 10.12.2012. ``About the measures on further development of foreign language teaching and learning system``.  

      Bilimlar bellashuvi is taken place on the Uzbekistan State Standards and in line with the requirements of CEFR (Comman Europian Framework of Reference for languages).

The goals of this competition to develop writing skills of English language.

     At first this competition was taken place at school. The winner team of our school participated in the ``Area step `` in May. On that competition our school team was won .After that they participated in the ``District step``. They won on that competition too.

       They took 298 scores and had been winner in Gurlan district and awarded I-certificate of competition. Three pupils were awarded with certificate.Their names are: 1. Gulmirzayeva Dilnoza.   2. Jumaboyeva Begoyim . 3. Rahimboyeva Sevinchoy.

We proud of our pupils.  We wish them good luck, great success and all the best in their life and in their study.


Artiqova G, ingliz tili fani o`qituvchisi
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Gurlan tumanidagi 41-son U.O`.T. maktabi.

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